It seems to me that I often let the liturgical calendar surprise me. "Oh, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday!" or "This weekend is Easter? Really?" So, I thought I might get an early start thinking about the next season. It is called Lent and it starts February 6th. It is the period of 40 days during which we meditate on and rememember the cruel death of Christ.

I am thinking about how I might enter in to that season, as I have a few weeks to prepare. It is kind of like going to the store and getting all the stuff I will need ahead of time to get my lawn ready for Spring. The crabgrass preventer, the fertilizer, my lawn mower blade sharpened etc.

What do we need for Lent? Perhaps a willingness to engage and disengage. Engage in the disciplines in a deeper way. Disengage from worldly pursuits. It will be hard to go from 60 m.p.h to 10 m.p.h.if we wait until February 5th. So I am thinking the end of January is a good time to de-tox from the Christmas "rush" and settle in to the groove.

The New Year is a hectic time isn't it? Maybe you even have some tension in your life. Now is the time for us to lay it down so we can be ready with open heart, hands and schedule to receive what He has to offer during the high holy days.