Redemptive Shopping

The Friday after Thanksgiving where are they? At the mall. One of my daughters did the early morning shopping thing. 12 midnight at some store in Gwinett. Crazy if you ask me, but it seems that there are alot of people who want to get a deal on stuff. Real bad. So bad, they are willing to stay up late or get up early. Is that really why they go? Kinda.

Back to my daughter. She got in around 3a, I think, and then back out again today. Net result? I think she got a few things. Not much. So why? Why get up early, or stay up late? Communion. Say what? Communion. She went with two girl friends last night and they made memories. Today with sisters and mom. They enjoy the fellowship. It is the experience. Men take a canoe on a river.

Communion. That is the heart of what we all long for. Fellowship with God and with one another. I never thought I would say it but, shopping is redeemable. A glimpse of the gospel can be seen everywhere. Even in a crowded mall on Black Friday.

This weekend: Shust and Steve B at Perimeter. Invite your friends!