In "A Christmas Memory" by Truman Capote, the lead character notes it is getting cold and winter is approaching by declaring, "It's fruitcake weather!" It is a wonderful short story.

For me it is soup. I am not a big soup fan in the summer (except gazpacho of course) but when it gets cold, I like a steaming bowl of soup. Somehow it fills you up even more than you think it should. So I had my first bowl the other day marking the changing of the season.

I wonder if you have had a "bowl of soup" moment recently. Some thing, some event, some moment at which you thought, "Season is changing." Maybe a kid went off to college, or a job change, or a relationship went in a different direction. It could be alot of different things.

A bowl of soup is a bowl of soup. You eat it in season and then the season changes. Somehow I think, if we take change as we would eat a bowl of soup; smelling the aroma, slowly stirring it, blowing on the spoon to cool it off a bit and savoring the texture as it slides down our throat, it will fill us up more than we think, and in a good way.

We may just find satisfaction in the process instead of hoping things will not change so we can hold on to our current satisfaction or wishing the process was over so we can get to satisfaction.

Sometimes it is just time for soup again and that is good.

Watermelon will come again soon enough.