He hears

I had a great reminder today. He hears me. I was rehearsing with the worship team tonight and I put on a microphone like I wear on the weekends so I could walk through my parts. I am never fully ready on Thursday, as I want to listen to music and think and pray about how I could be useful to the congregation as they worship.

As we went through one song then the next, I stepped up from time to time to talk with the team and to work through what I might say. After a while, I went downstairs to check on the other team that was rehearsing. I am sure you know where this is going. The monitor person forgot to turn of my microphone, so the band could hear me in their headsets.

Laura eventually called me and mentioned they could hear me. Whoops! Of course I thought through from the time I had left to that moment. What had I said? I do not cuss, so no problem there. I had gone down and was talking to Eric who is going on vacation. I "loved" on the band down there a bit. Nothing really. Nothing bad for sure.

But it hit me. He hears. Not just what I speak, but what I think and my motivation behind what I say. I wish I could wear a microphone all the time. It would remind me that He hears. Not only would it clean up my thought life and commentary, but it would cause me to pray, because I would know He hears.