Greek to me

What comes to mind when I say I know a person named Kostopoulos or Karafotias? If you said they are Greek, go to the head of the class. Now what would be the probability that they would be Greek Orthodox Christians? Higher than for the Smiths.

Ethnic names are cool. Of course I love mine. Schlichting. German. I also like Van Kirk. Dutch. Ethnic names say something about a person, where they come from, their heritage and maybe even religion.

We Christians don't play in that field. On one level it saddens me. Maybe we should. "Schlichristing" could be a name we could start using. "Vanchristkirk", really could work. You must be rolling your eyes by now.

I think maybe at the bottom of it, I am looking for deeper community, and names connect people to one another. Jesus called Simon, Peter and Saul changed his name to Paul. Catholics allow members to choose a confirmation name. Lots of history here. Then there is the book of Acts, "They were first called Christians." An identity and a community.

So today I am thinking as I am sitting at the Greek Festival that we should begin to think of ways to connect because for us there is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, barbarian, Scythian, but Christ is all and in all.