Steve Brown on Deck

Steve Brown will be at Perimeter Church next weekend the 22nd and 23rd of September. I called him just to talk through a few details and left him a message. When I checked my voicemails later in the day, he had left me one.

"Rrraaanddy, THIS is Steve Brrrowwn." (It is hard to write what Steve's deep voice sounds like. If you want to hear the real thing check him out at KeyLife Ministry or come to Perimeter.) Anyway, he asked me to call him and then said he had prayed for me that morning followed by, "Don't mess it up!"

Refreshing. I should have kept the voice mail so I could replay it. I need that: (1) Godly people to pray for me and (2) To be reminded not to mess it up.

So, I am praying for those of you who read this blog now. I do not know you by name, although some of you have been kind enough to stop my in the hall when something has struck you that I wrote, a few of you have posted responses and many have encouraged me. I really appreciate that. So, I am praying for you as a group this morning (as soon as I stop typing here).

Don't mess it up. Have some fun.