Say it's your birthday?

Well it was unusual. We invited Mrs E. to lunch to celebrate her birthday. Macaroni Grill. We wanted to treat her but instead, she and Mr. E picked up the tab for all of us. 10 people. It was uncomfortable at first. It was our "right" to buy her lunch!

I had to adjust a bit. We "argued" with her, "No, it is your birthday!" but they were determined. They celebrated her life by giving us a gift. How unusual. Then it hit me. Two things:

1. The gospel. Of course she and he would act like that. The one celebrated is the giver. It was a picture of Jesus. A humble picture of Jesus.

2. I can not wait for my birthday. I mentioned it to one of the poorer young guys on staff. New tradition: We buy lunch for others on our birthday! After thinking for a minute, and us discussing that could mean he brings a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter, he smiled. He got it.

So thanks Mr and Mrs E for celebrating your life with us, for sharing the gospel with us and for loving us well. And by the way, for 30 you are pretty stinking mature in Christ. We love you.