Hey everyone, we are really trying to help worship get outside of the Sunday morning hour. We want you to take a piece with you when you go (or drive to work each day)

One thing we hear people asking for all the time is the music. So, we have decided to post an imix here once a week or so that you can get. An imix is a “group” of songs that we put together on itunes. You just click the link and go there and you can buy them. (99 cents each)

It is a great investment. We also may put other songs on from time to time that we are listening too and liking. You can download (purchase) one, more or all so, if you have some of the songs already, you do not need to buy them again.

We hope this helps, we plan to post more liturgy in the future too!

Randy Schlichting
Pastor Worship and Arts