Well, we are thinking about Christmas in worship and arts. Can you believe it? Christmas is less than 4 months away. We are planning a modern version (with ancient overtones) of Lessons and Carols. For the uninitiated, they were formed in the 1880's in England by the Anglicans. Nine "lessons" and carols which walk those present through the gospel. From the fall of man to the birth of the Son of Man. Great stuff.

We are excited about it and (you should have guessed this) Mrs. E is writing new music. Can't tell you the details, but the lyrics are powerful. So set the date. December 9th. Choir, dancers, readers, singers, children's choir...we will all gather together to ponder, sing, think and praise Him.

By the way, for those of you who are members or regular attenders, think about...even pray about inviting some one....I believe it will be a joy and a treat. Blessings!