Block Party

We have 10 homes on our cul-de-sac. The "youngest" residents moved here 3 years ago. The other 9 have been here 15 years or more. In fact 4 of the 10 are close to 30 years on this block. Tonight we had a block party.

We were celebrating John's graduation from the SOC (the School of Chemotherapy) so we gathered out in the street to eat and enjoy. We have done it before. Everyone brings a side dish and Roger brings his propane grill for all to cook on. John makes home made ice cream, Greg gives someone a hard time about something and Charlie has a joke or two to tell. Tom asks me if I have saved any souls lately. Elaine shares a story about their dog snatching a steak off the counter. Everyone is casual and relaxed. We love living here. No one is moving unless they have to. Tonight Heddy said this, "They will carry me out feet first from this cul-de-sac." Till death do us part.

I had the joy of taking a moment and sharing a bit about our gratitude for living in a place like this for 15 years and I led us in prayer as we all thanked God. We have experienced life here. We have seen daughters get married, experienced the loss of parents, endured illness, mourned at the death of grandchildren, celebrated retirement, and shovelled out of ice storms. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Some of us are in our 40's some close to 80. Summer, Fall and Winter. Life on Reston Court.

I do not know where you live, and I do not write this to create jealousy. I write this because we love our neighbors and they love us. I think I read somewhere that we should do that. I do want to encourage you, wherever you do live to help create community. No need to have angst about sharing the gospel. Let the gospel share you with your neighbors and love those around you by time spent. Blessings