I wonder if it will be this way. Imagine: You are in heaven and just had a great weekend of worshipping the Lord. It was exhilarating and exhausting in a good sort of way. What happens Monday? (assuming there are days in heaven)

Afterglow. It is that sweet, warm feeling that you get when something really good has settled in your soul. You know you own it because you know. It has been woven into the fibers of your heart and somehow you are changed. You'll never be the same because the fire fell down.

Even though somehow you know the intensity will fade a bit, like the glow on the face of Moses, you sit back and enjoy it.

So here we are. For those of you who came to Perimeter over the weekend you know what I mean. Now think of this: It happened other places too. We do not have any corner on the worship well market. I am sure in thousands of other places in this world people experienced the spirit moving too. I am glad for that and I am glad I was at one of those places.

And one day, one day....there will be no afterglow. Somehow, it will get brighter and brighter eternally. Until then we can look forward to the weekend for a corporate experience and work out our salvation day to day by looking for the glory of the Lord in all things.

PS: A brother of one of our choir members went to be with the Lord Saturday night. No afterglow for him this week. We weep with her and rejoice with him.