The Wave

I was tired last night, it had been a long weekend with Saturday night service, a 7a call Sunday for Vision Awareness and back Sunday afternoon to get ready for Sunday evening. Driving home I thought, "5:15am" Yuck.

I did not want to come to corporate prayer but I had to because I was the "guide" for the morning. Driving up 141, this thought: "This will be nothing. Not even a ripple this morning. We will not see or feel the Holy Spirit. We are just getting started from a dead stop."

I drove a bit further and I thought, "Sunday week. That is when this prayer season will end. 6:30a to 7a every morning and 7p to 7:45p at night. On that day (to use the language of Isaiah), on that day, the wave that is created here will crash on the beach of Heaven.

So we started a ripple this morning. No fire, no smoke, no trembling. But I believe we started a ripple, initiated deep in our souls by the Holy Spirit. He will propel it to the beach and you know what? He is looking for some body surfers.

Come pray. Tonight Dan will lead with Garrett at 7p and tomorrow I will be back at 6:30a

Surfs up!