Sin and Holidays

I may have written about this recently but it is really on my heart so pardon my repetition if I have. I am working my way through some John Owen, Mortification of Sin and he makes a statement that is penetrating. He says, "Be about the business of killing your sin because it is about the business of killing you." Kill or be killed. Sounds like the law of the jungle doesn't it?

He goes on to say that sin never takes a break, it is always crushing and every sinful thought wants to go to its end. A lustful thought wants to commit adultery. Covet something? It wants to oppress people. Every "baby" sin wants to grow up and be a ravaging adult unless it is stopped dead in its tracks. Killed on the side of the road. Let it walk, and it will get stronger. Kill it now he says.

How? Well, know you are too weak. Run to Jesus. Beg the Holy Spirit. Use the sword of the Word. Wrestle. Use the free will you have. Count on Christ. Call a friend. Confess. There are alot of different ways to help. Here is the one thing you do not want to do. Don't take a break. Don't say, "I will take a holiday from killing sin." Never.

Instead, count each day as a holy day and put to death the things of the flesh by the power of the spirit.