Sick to your stomach?

Tomorrow night around this time we will remember the Last Supper. I plan to share a bit and I am meditating on what to say. What would you say to people who come to a service the Thursday of Holy Week? A few thoughts are heavy on my mind. One is the song "Jesus I Come" by William Sleeper. The words are woven in below.

I just had a large meal and I am thinking that I am often looking for dessert. In our economy, the meal is not enough. We have been conditioned to want dessert regardless of whether it is healthy or not. No blame on anyone there. I take responsibility for my own ice cream habits. I need to take responsibility for the insatiable appetite of my soul too. It wants more then Jesus.

Jesus is the last supper. You have arrived at the final meal if you have found yourself at His table. He is all we need to sustain us, fulfill us, satisfy us and comfort us. He meets every need perfectly. And yet I find myself wanting to gorge on more. My soul says, "Stop gorging on other stuff, Jesus is enough!" But I find myself looking to be satisfied further by desires of the flesh. Idols like my speaking ability, my need for acceptance, my pride, my anxiousness about the future, my need for control. I want power, admiration, funding and respect in large measure.

As I spoon those idols down the throat of my soul, initially it tastes good. Over a short period of time though, I get sick. My soul's belly gets distended. It is nauseated and bloated. I find myself desiring to purge; to get it pumped out because I have over eaten. Thank God the Holy Spirit makes me sick to my stomach.

So I run to the rest room. The Spirit is there waiting and He says, "Ready to come out of your bondage, sorrow and night? Out of your sickness, out of your want, out of your sin? How about out of your fear of all the unknown? The depth of your ruin? Are you ready to come?" And I say, "Jesus I come!"

Jesus is the Last Supper. When He said, "Take eat, take drink!" He meant more then a piece of bread and a cup of wine. He meant for us to come into His freedom, gladness, and light. For us to come into the peace of His sheltering fold, for us to behold His glorious face. So wherever you are tomorrow, I encourage you to run to Him. If you are feeling distended, purge by the power of the Spirit then go to the table if you can find a place open. Taste and see the sweetness of the Lord. Then forget about dessert. Jesus is the last supper. Blessings