It is not Friday

As I was thinking and praying this morning the thought came to me that it is not Friday. To those of you reading this on Thursday that comes as no surprise. When we take the Lord's Supper tonight, we will focus less on the death of Jesus and more on the meal He brings, the feast He sets before us. As we leave tonight, we will go to the garden, the arrest, the trial, the crucifixion. All of the horror of that is for the late night.

Early in the evening, we will sup with Jesus. He will wash our feet and our souls once again, He will remind us of the commandment to love one another, He will speak of betrayal and denial, He will promise that the Holy Spirit, who is real, will comfort us. We will sing to Him, and with Him.

Some of you who read this blog are far away. You will not be with us tonight. We will miss you. One day we will take the cup and break bread together again. Not tonight. Not tonight with Jesus either. I do not expect Him to come back physically today. But I know He is alive and I know He will. So we eat and drink unto Him this evening. We remember and we celebrate and something spiritual will happen.

Calvin said the Lord's Supper is a mystery. More then a remembrance. Christ will be spiritually present and He will use this means of grace to transform us all further into His likeness. That is the kind of meal I like to be invited to. Blessings