Mothers in Law and Taxes

I was working on my taxes. (Is it ok to hate doing that even though I joyfully submit to the governing authorities?) The paper and forms seem to be endless even though they are mostly electronic these days. I always want to make sure I do not make mistakes. I have this wrong image of Mr. IRS waiting for my form to come across his desk. His eyebrow is raised and his pencil is ready to reprimand. Of course that is patently false. IRS people are created in the image of God and try to do their job to the best of their ability.

Anyway, as I was in the throes, my mother in law stopped by. I am sure many would insert joke here. (Mother in law vs IRS). For about five seconds, I would not have cared who it was. It could have been Bono stopping by. I was focused. Then the Spirit gripped me and I let the computer go and we chatted for about 10 minutes. About marriage and dogs and children and work. Nothing huge. Just life. She is giving my wife a dogwood tree in memory of the dog we lost. We walked outside and talked about where to plant it. (I knew I would end up digging a hole!!) and she headed off. I thought, "Relationship!"

Just a moment in time with a mother in law. That was a nice respite from the taxes (even though the IRS people really are nice).

It will be a beautiful weekend. Randy will be teaching on writing on the wall this weekend. Worth hearing I think. Come Saturday night and take the Lord's Table with us as we worship Him well. Blessings