Lets Talk

I do not think I can overstate the importance of talk. Thank God for communication. I am not talking about email or blogs. I am talking about face to face communication. There is no substitute for it. Sitting face to face with somebody and reading body language, eyes, tonal inflection, the works. It is rich, meaty and meaningful.

Marshall McLuhan once said something like, "Anything we invent is an extension of the human body" A car = the foot; a phone = the voice; the Internet = the eyes etc. You get the idea. He also said that when we over extend an invention we bear a cost or loss. Too much car and not enough foot equals gaining weight. Too much phone and not enough face to face equals distanced relationships that are unauthentic. etc

So today I am wondering who you need to spend face to face time with. I did today with two different people and it was great. We talked about business and busyness. We joked, and we cried. We tried to understand one another. We listened. We looked and noted body language. We resolved a bit and left somethings unresolved. We never would have done that over the phone, email or IM. I encourage you to think about who you need face time with.

Now I am sure you know where I am going here. In addition to humans, you need face to face time with God. You know where to go to get it. The Word, prayer, and in community. Remember, not enough face time equals distanced relationships that are unauthentic. I hope that is helpful. Blessings