Celebrate Recovery

I went to a Celebrate Recovery meeting. It was chip night and a friend of mine was receiving a one year chip (coin) celebrating a year without drugs. Over the years I have seen how God has done an amazing work in this life. As my friend received the chip and said a few words, which brought tears to my eyes, the place erupted. Cheering, clapping, hugging, celebrating. It was electric and emotional. I have been to meetings like this before and I can tell you the one hosted here on Wednesdays is remarkable. Love, joy, brokenness, simplicity and authenticity are words that come to mind.

This is a place where you really can be yourself and you will be accepted and loved. Everyone struggles with something. Everyone is addicted to something. Everyone is in some stage of recovery. Some are trying to do the next right thing.

So I am reflecting on it this morning. I am addicted to sin. That is a generic way to put it. If I stood up at a meeting like that I would say, "I am Randy S, a believer in the risen Jesus and I am addicted to sin, to doing what I like, to being my own god."

I think that is good to know and remember, that I am an addict and that I am called to do just the next right thing and live one day at a time. Spending some time with my Savior, serving a bit, learning something and celebrating my recovery with others in community. I will never get a one year chip for not having sinned. Except this thought: In heaven we will celebrate every year. Another year with no sin! Maybe Jesus will hand out chips and we will applaud and praise Him for making it happen. Celebrate Recovery!