Josh, Black Sabbath and Jesus

I could feel the looks on their faces. Men walking with their dates to the Josh Groban concert. I have to admit I went into it a bit like a man having to eat quiche. One guy said to his girlfriend, "This is the Black Sabbath concert right?" She curtly replied, "Not funny!" and they walked on. Once inside, and once Josh came on, I was overwhelmed. What a gift of a voice. Meaningful lyrics and an incredible band. After a few songs, Josh had a violinist play, who was also incredible.

After her song, I heard a voice behind me and to the left sing. It was him. He had come around the auditorium and started singing right in the middle of the section next to us. As he sang, he walked down the steps. People were cheering and reaching out and smiling and taking pictures. Through it all he smiled, kept his composure, continued to sing and kept walking. Sometimes touching a hand and always smiling. He sang and walked to the floor of Phillips, through that crowd and to the stage. It was electric.

For some reason, probably the sweetness of the Holy Spirit reminding me, I recalled Jesus. Walking through the crowds, feeding people, healing people, people cheering, smiling and shouting "Hosanna!" Through it all He smiled, kept His composure, continued to teach and kept walking. Sometimes touching a hand always loving. He walked to the floor and to center stage where He would be tried and convicted and beaten and whipped and crucified. Not on a Black Sabbath but on a Good Friday.

As we continue in this lenten season, I encourage us to look to Christ and remember the day he saved us. Blessings