Accept it and don't

I had a conversation with a friend today about prayer and acceptance of our circumstances. We are called to pray for miracles and we are called to receive and rest with joy in our present circumstances. Does that sound contradictory? We would say no, because the bible does not contradict itself. We do believe however that we can hold both positions. "Already and not yet."

So, we can say, "Lord I am grateful for where you have me. I accept it." And we can say at the same time, "I do not accept it because I want you to change something." There is a tension there but not a contradiction. I am not sure how other religions handle this type of situation. But I am wondering if it is unique to Christianity. To accept where we are and yet ask for a change.

Jesus accepted where He was at and yet prayed for change. Paul, Peter, Moses, David all have moments when they receive the work of the Lord in their lives, even though hard and at the same time ask for change.

So, we drove away today praying for change and rejoicing in the present circumstance. It is a bit of a mystery, but a good one to meditate on I think. Blessings.