On Scripture Memory

There is an old Bob Newhart comedy sketch. He is a counselor that a woman comes to see. He says, "I charge $5 for 5 minutes" Woman: "What if I need more time?" Bob: "You won't"

They proceed and she shares her fears and problems, to which he responds, "Stop it!" Woman: "What did you say?" Bob "Stop it!" Woman: "That is it? That is your counsel? What about my mother....?" Bob (interrupts) "We do not go there. Just stop it!" Woman: "I also have a problem with.." Bob "Stop it!"

The sketch is much funnier then my recap, but as I reflect on it and think of memorizing scripture, I think, "Start it!"

If you are not memorizing scripture, start it. "I have a mental block...." We are not going there. Start it. "I am busy" Start it. "I fear I will be embarrassed in my group if I miss a word or two" Start it! "I have never been good at memorizing" Start it!

That was probably worth more then $5, and it took less then 5 minutes to read. Start it. You will be blessed. People will help you. The Word is living and active. It is good for your soul. Start simply. Galatians 2:20 or Romans 12:1-2. Start it!