I was sharing with a group tonight that the phrase, "God can move mountains" has become impotent. Not that He can't, it is just that we use it to say, "All things can be done by God, He is powerful" We do not actually mean He can move a mountain because we have never seen Him do that and we certainly do not get specific enough to describe a "personal mountain" we have that we would like for Him to move.

I am thinking tonight that we all do have personal mountains in our life. Something we look at and say, "That is a long way up and it is very rocky and I am not sure how I would climb that cliff.." Can God move that mountain? Yes. Will He? I don't know. Maybe He will or maybe He won't.

What I do know is that I am called to pray specifically and He is the one who will say, "Move that mountain!" or "Climb that mountain" or "The mountain is there to keep you here" In any case, I encourage us to talk to Him about mountains and listen to what He is saying. The movement needed may be in the mountainous rock of our heart. He will move that for sure.