Feeling Fat

Well it is Fat Tuesday. I feel a bit fat tonight. Sometimes life in America can bloat you I think. We have so much. We can eat so much. We can do so much. We can go so much. We can work so much. So much. I am bloated. It is a meat and potato kind of world.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I will probably not get ashes put on my forehead. But I am thinking about what they point to. At the end of our life our bodies will turn to ash. And much of everything else we own. Ash is the future for earthly matter.

As we approach lent, the passion, the crucifixion and the wrath of God being poured out on Jesus I hope we reflect deeply. Deeply about Him and what He did and who He is. He was never bloated. And His body never turned to ash. That is so diffferent from anything or anyone else I aspire to. He really is other. He is worthy. The worthy Lamb who was slain.

So starting when the clock strikes midnight, I would love to begin to see change. To say farewell to my "meat and potato" worldview and hello to embracing the beauty of a Slain Savior. The One who loves me in spite of my bloated condition.