Worm Eaten

That sounds kind of disgusting. Worms are not my favorite creatures. I can tolerate them but they are so greasy. I remember my uncle taking me out at night to get "night crawlers" for fishing the next day. Those a big worms that live in the ground and come up at night. Big worms. They were slimy and they left a film on your hand. Of course being a boy, I could wipe it off on my shirt.

In Acts 12 Herod has come to the end of his days. He really was a bad character. As he sits on his throne in his royal robes, he addresses the crowd. They "love" this guy. In fact they say, "This is the voice of a god, not a man." Herod, could have said, "Really, you are going overboard with your praise for me" But no. So, an angel of the Lord strikes him down and he is eaten by worms. Right there.

Why? Because he did not give praise to God. That is scary. And it causes me to have some fear and trembling because I do not praise Him enough. Some days hardly at all. The good news is that Christ is in me, so God sees the righteousness of Christ as imputed by Him to me. So I am "safe" eternally. That does not mean that God will not punish me for not praising Him, or that I will be blessed because I do not. There are consequences.

So I want to praise Him and I need Him to cause me to do it. That is good motivation. I may need to spend some time at night looking for Him as opposed to looking for nightcrawlers and I may need to think about how I reflect glory back to Him when it is wrongly given to me. Blessings