A Man's Group

This may be a bit "in your face."

I reconstituted my men's discipleship group last night. (We were off for the holidays). There is nothing like a men's group. I mean a great men's group. (I have never been in a women's group and I am sure they are good too) But, give me a men's group anytime. It is real, and sweaty and sweet and hard and spirit filled. Men who come together and talk about their dirt, their hopes, their fears and their disappoinments. Men who kid with one another and laugh and cry. Men who read the word and think about it and wrestle with it and debate it. Men who pray and ask God to do something. Men who admit their flawed nature and ask Him to clean them up. Real men. Real discipleship.

Proverbs 12:1 says this, " Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid." That is the NIV anyway. I like that. "Stupid" And in a real men's group someone can say, "You are being stupid!" and it is ok. One brother knows what the other means and that he means it with love as he is willing to sweat and work with him.

So off we go this semester, not knowing exactly what God has in store but knowing that He is looking at a group of His sons who are together, working, waiting, growing, praying and playing together. "Long live the king" say we his subjects!