No gospel zone

Have you found yourself in it? It happens to me when a situation gets hard. A relationship is strained. Sisters or brothers can not get along because one is being a bit stand offish. Someone has their feelings hurt by the actions or inactions of another. I know what I need to do:love. Pray. Serve. Forgive. Be nice. That is the gospel. That is what Jesus did and what He compels us to do. But it is as if I am in a "gospel free zone." I forget I was forgiven much.

It is so very helpful when someone is around who is not "in the zone" Someone who can look in and gently remind you of the gospel. I was able to be an "outsider" tonight and once again share the good news of the gospel with those who are in Christ. They quickly said, "Even though it is hard, you are right, Jesus is right and His love compels us." It is still hard and certainly can not be done in our own strength. Only the Holy Spirit can melt us and enable us to love others well. I pray tonight He will do that for us and He will use others who are out of the zone to remind us of the goodness of Jesus.

Final thought. I would love to have a smaller "gospel free zone." I can pray for that tonight. Blessings