Fire Fall Down

I am still loving Hillsong. God is working through them to get to me. I like to think of myself sometimes as a bit of a theologian. I know enough to be dangerous in reality. I can string together "weighty" words like propitiation, substitutionary atonement, passive righteousness, hypostatic union etc. But most times, we just need some simple words like "fire fall down"

They are talking about the Holy Spirit. He is the "fire" and they are praying that He will fall on them. That is what I need. We played the song today in our discipleship group. "Fire fall down" simple. To the point. The song goes on, "Show me your heart, your way, your glory" simple. To the point. That is what Moses asked for, and David, and Abraham, and the disciples on the mount of transfiguration. That is what we should ask for I think. To see His heart, way and glory. That will be enough. I encourage you to pick up the song and listen and pray. You can hear a clip here

Last thought: I think I really need to learn to call out more, cry out, beg Him to fall down. Not "worked up" emotion, but a heart cry. Music like this is helpful. Blessings