Save the Date; He is Mighty to Save

"He is the author of salvation, He is mighty. He conquered the grave." I am enjoying those words of truth today. So I can look to Him. Even when "it" has decayed. It: a marriage, a family, a relationship, a community, a way of life. He is still mighty to save and recall and conquer what appears to be death.

I was thinking today a bit about the church (universal) and how we are called to be different. "Set apart." How does that play out in our daily lives? How are we set apart? Lets look at some dates. What might you be doing July 4th, or the last Monday in May, or the first Monday in September, or the fourth Thursday in November this year? I would imagine if you thought for a moment you would say those are holidays and you will be watching fireworks, going to the lake, taking a last long weekend, and eating turkey on those days in sucession.

If I asked most Christians what they are doing Friday April 6th I think I may get one of two answers. "I am working" or " That is Spring Break week, we are on vacation". Now I am not too litugical, but, April 6th is Good Friday. The day the church reflects on and remembers that Jesus historically hung on a cross. When I was young, Good Friday was a holiday. We had off from school and we went to church. It was a holy day. I am wondering if we (I) am enjoying American holidays (which is great) and perhaps I am in need of observing Christian holy days. Maybe that would set me apart a bit as Muslims are during Ramadan, Jews during the Day of Atonement and Hindus during Diwali.

He is mighty to save and He is the author of salvation. He can restore a people to Himself and call us to worship Him in 2007. So I rest on that this afternoon as I think about worshipping Him well and as I set my calendar. Blessings