It means to "get it." To finally understand. Like the last piece to the puzzle being put in and you see the full picture. The church has celebrated Epiphany 12 days after Christmas for a long time. Using the story of the Magi coming to worship Jesus, the church has celebrated that the One who completes the puzzle picture has arrived and it is clear to be seen. He is worthy of our worship and our treasure.

Our question perhaps as we enter this weekend to worship Him is, "Did we or do we get it?" Sadly, many days I do not. I do not realize that the One to be worshipped has come. He is the full picture. So I repent and ask Him to give me light, perhaps a "star in my sky" to draw me back to Him again. I think He will do that, because He wants me to worship Him in 2007 and I know He is drawing others to do the same.

So I encourage you, if you feel a bit in the dark as you enter 2007 to ask for Him to show you light so you can get it again. He is the way, the truth and so much more.