I wonder if the world falls into two groups. Those who make New Year's resolutions (or plans) and those who do not. I do know that almost all people do not fulfill their plans. That is the group I am in. I just looked at my 2006 plans. A+, B, B, C-, F something like that.

As you can guess the lower scores are on things I felt I needed to do, but did not relish doing. I di not really believe in that part of teh plan. Sounds typical.

So now I sit on the verge of 2007. Hmmm...what to do. I can decide to have no plan. Nah, not my personality type. I can have a modest plan that is very do-able. I can have a "stretch" plan. I do not know yet. I do know however my plan gets fleshed out I want it to be undergirded by a plan to have more faith. To believe. I think if have more faith, I will do. Not do more. But act more in accordance with my beliefs. I find I do what I believe in. (Makes sense. I do not do what I do not believe in) I long to passionately believe; then I will do.

So, I am going to meditate over the next week on faith. I know it comes from God, so as I worship, I am going to ask Him for it. And I will continue to ask Him next year, to help my unbelief.