New Coffee Shop Old Scotsman

I am sitting in Dunwoody at a new coffee shop, waiting to meet my daughter for breakfast. It is called Java U and it just opened. This is my first visit. I asked the young man behind the counter about the shop. He said they were planning to franchise. The next Mcdonald's, Starbucks, Moes, Google. Who knows? Maybe Java U will be the next thing. (It is a nice place)

That got me thinking a bit. Am I planning to franchise? To take what I have and establish a chain that will stretch far and wide. To make a name, to have an income stream, to be sucessful? It often seems in the global (even Christian) economy that scale is imperative. If you are not growing and "enlarging your territory" you are not with it.

I know a man named Bill Anderson. He is a pensioner, who lives on little and, when he is called up, he takes people on tours of the city he lives in and describes the historical significance of buildings and places from a Christian perspective. You can't franchise that. What he does is teach the next generation and instill in them a love for the gospel, if the next generation wants to make the call and go on the tour. Bill told me once that he often learns new things as he takes people around. A two way street.

I am encouraged to think more about The Franchise and my role in showing those younger around the town, while continuing to learn. Here comes one daughter.