How shall we haste?

Well, we are "in the season" now. Decorations are up (for the most part), shopping is going on and meals are being planned. Relatives will be arriving soon (or you will be going to "arrive" on them). It is coming. Yesterday we sang, "Haste, haste to bring Him laud" Laud means praise. So what the writer is saying is hurry to bring Him praise.

How will we do that when we have all these other things going on? We won't. Does that raise your eyebrow?. "Schlichting is just wrong on that, we will!"

I hope a statement like that causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. And I hope you do not try harder. You can't. "There he goes again, now he is taunting us!" Not at all. I am just saying that "you" are weak, as "I" am. Collectively "we" will give in to the other stuff. Only the Holy Spirit can cause us to haste to bring Him laud. That is his role, to prompt us to shine the light on Jesus.

So what to do? Ask the Holy Spirit to do a work. Run to the cross and repent and cling to Christ and His promises. Randy P was right yesterday when he said it is about our union with Christ. That is the fuel "to do". To haste. You get it (as he suggested) from the Word, from prayer, from fellowship of talk about Him. From music. Downloadable!!

So that is my plan here. I encourage feedback on this. What is your plan to haste and bring Him laud? Blessings