Biggest Loser

Yes, we watch it on TV. (We were able to add a show because Lost is on hiatus). Tonight as people walked out on the stage (live TV) the crowd screamed and cheered. As each contestant came out they showed their "before" picture as compared to what they looked like tonight. You can imagine the smiles on their faces; overjoyed would be an understatement. Ecstatic. They had lost hundreds of pounds and they were coming home.

The only question remaining was, "Who will have lost the most? Who is the biggest loser?"

As I watched I thought, "How much more heaven?" When we get there we will have lost the weight, the sin, the dirt. We will have lost it all. (and there will be some cheering)

We will be the biggest loser. All of us. The reality is that we were and are big losers and we need to remember we lost "good" in the Fall and exchanged it for the weight of evil. That is a weight that causes the soul to become obese, gross, and even hideous in look and feel. Jesus came and took the weight. All of it, so that we could be made new and have the weight of glory.

I do not know about you, but tonight I am thinking am a big loser and that is good. I am smiling because I see the picture of what I looked like before Christ and I anticipate what I will look like in the age to come. So I want to come and worshipwell the One who made the scales as well as everything left standing on them. Blessings