Could be Dangerous

I had noted this rough patch on my nose for a week or two. I could feel it was different and, when I wrinkled my nose, I felt a general tightness on the top of it. Kind of like sunburn, but it did not go away. I also had a spot on my forehead that had been growing a bit darker and seemed to itch a bit more than it had. So off to the dermatologist I went. Here was my thinking: Could be nothing or it could be something. Better to have a professional tell me because I do not have the education to make the determination.

The one on the nose was something. The dermatologist compared it to a picture on her wall. She dealt with it right then. There was a bit of a sting as she froze it, leaving a red mark, but I am told a scab will form and it will fall off in a week or so. We caught it before it went to the second picture on the wall in her office. You don’t want to know what the fourth and final picture looked like, yuck! While I was there, she said, “Let me take a look around,” and she did. Here a spot and there a spot. Some to be concerned with and others no problem. I will be going back again for a bit more work.

As I left the office I was reminded that my sin is like that. All of it is a blemish no doubt. Some of it is growing into something darker and more sinister. It could be dangerous. I will never rid my soul fully of all the inclinations I have to besmirch the work of Christ, but I would be wiser if I noted, by feeling, the things that are giving my soul a tightness. How? I do not have all the education I need to tell the difference, so I am wiser if I go to those around me who can shine the spotlight on me and say, “Yes, that one needs to be dealt with; it might sting for awhile, but it needs to be dealt with!”

I don’t know who that would be for you. It may be a discipleship leader or an accountability partner. It could be a pastor or a friend. Don’t get me wrong. All sin is bad. Some is just worse and can move your life into looking like picture four. Believe me, you don’t want that. So, reach out and let yourself be examined by the One who loves you and can see what you need. It may sting a bit and it might leave a red mark but the balm of Gilead will soothe your heart and bring comfort to your soul.

Worship Well.