Well, the decorations are coming down. Lights, trees, ornaments, manger and ribbons. The presents have been put away, the cookies are almost gone and I am looking at how I will work off the extra pounds I gained. Christmas is over.

It took a seemingly long time put it all up and just a minute to take it all down. All is as it was.

Or is it? Do we really only celebrate Jesus for a day or a week? Do we wait now until Easter to celebrate Him again?

Question. Who is the decoration? Answer. We are. We are His ornaments, His light. We are the ones called to celebrate Him and reflect His joy to the world. The Lord is come.

So can I encourage you as you start 2010 to remember that we are called to know we are free in Christ? If we know and live that, then we can celebrate Him. As we celebrate we will want others to join in the party. That is called community. Finally, we will look for true joy as we discover the magic of serving others together in His name.

Now, go light up the place!