A New Creed

I have been thinking about creeds lately. Check this one out, especially the last line.

Creed of the Eternal Covenant

We believe in God the Father, who with the Son and the Spirit fashioned, from His heart, the eternal covenant before time began.

Because of this great decree, He created the heavens and earth. He created mankind in His image.

We confess that man, by willful disobedience, attempted to break the covenant, but the plan of God was, and is, certain.

We acknowledge that the great love of the Son compelled Him to take on human flesh and live a perfect life in keeping with the terms of the covenant. He suffered the wrath of the Father for the sins of all believers of all time; making right what we had made wrong.

After He completed that work, He ascended into heaven and continues to labor on behalf of our offspring and us to this day.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who awakens the children of God from spiritual sleep and enables them to become more like Christ by faith. He will continue to do so until Christ Jesus comes again in glory to fully consummate the covenant.

We believe in the church universal. We commit our time here as stewards of the visible church to His glory by using the gifts He has richly blessed us with. May He correct us, even ever so sternly, if we waver from the life and faith He has purchased for us. Amen.