Forgot to tell her

As a single woman she had lived in our basement apartment. We were and are good friends. We laughed and cried together and exchanged Christmas gifts. We are close. I officiated at her wedding to a wonderful man in the church. How much more can you know someone?

One day she came to me and told me the news, “I am pregnant!” I congratulated her and even gave her a public hug. What great news! In these days, there are couples who keep it close to the vest when they are pregnant, wanting to tell only a few people so I asked, “May I tell my wife?” “Of course you can” she said.

Well, you know what happened. I forgot. I got busy thinking of other things. I did not rush home and proclaim the news, “She’s having a baby!” I know all of you men can relate to that, and I am sure all of you women are thinking, “Yes, and when the baby is born he will not remember how much it weighs, its length or even its sex!” Convicted.

The next Sunday, she saw my wife. My wife knew nothing and so did not congratulate her. There was an awkward silence. She was expecting a response over hearing of the news. No response came because the news had not been shared. “You don’t know do you?” she asked. “Know what?” my wife said. Then she re-told the news, and they celebrated.

So how about you. Do you have the news? He had a Son. I don’t know the size or weight. I do know He was and is weighty. I also know His love cannot be measured. He had a Son! Can I encourage us as we enter the holiday season to not forget to share that news? I know you are busy with a lot of other things, but we implore you to share this news. Some people do not know because they have not been told. We pray that you will be able to rejoice with them as they receive it.

Along the way, invite them to come to church and celebrate with the rest of us. It will be a joyful time.

Worship Well.