Small Miracles

It's strange suddenly realizing the miniscule miracles that God performs in our simple lives. He uses these often, and we frequently fail to recognize them. I experienced one of these myself a few days ago, as small as it might seem. As a college student, a perfect score on one final was necessary to be in the major I believed God was calling me to be in. That in itself was a test, since that 100 looked pretty impossible from where I was standing. I put that hope in God's hands, thinking, "I mean, You can split seas in half, I'll bet you can make this possible."

Did I really believe that? More than likely... not so much. 

Sure enough, the enemy seemed to be barging down my door with a triumphant grin when I received a low grade on that final. It seemed to confirm that doubt I initially had: that I expected God to let me down. How often do you doubt God to do those seemingly impossible things in life? 

Job was the one guy who got the ultimate test of this. After all his trials, he worshiped God, proclaiming, "You can do anything and everything. Nothing and no one can upset Your plans." (Job 42: 1 The Message)

God did perform so many miraculous things back in biblical times. Are the miracles today a reality to you? Or are they just fairy tales, as much as you say you believe the stories of the Bible? Do you see the miracles He delivers in order for you to praise Him?

A few days after that exam, I received my final class grades. When I was told the only way to get the grade I needed was a perfect exam, I gaped in shock at the letters on the screen. For some bizarre reason, I got the grade I needed to be in the major I wanted, even though my professors deemed it impossible with the grade I received on the final.

Are your eyes open to God's real miracles in your life? Or are you just underestimating Him?


Posted by Erinn Waldo