I have been doing a bit of study in Hebrews, which led me to Joshua, which led me to.....

You get the idea. You can really get caught up in the Bible and spend a lot of time there. Anyway, Jesus is waiting, sitting next to the Father, for His enemies to be made footstools. Then He will stand up and time as we know will end. 

How might His enemies be made footstools? Joshua is helpful to that end. I will let you read the story about feet of God's people being placed on the necks of kings. We are called to participate in the making of footstools. It is an aggressive war we are in. We are called to be bold and courageous and to lead out for the King.

Now before you color me a "hawk" let me remind you our war is not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities. It is a spiritual thing, BUT it does have tangible points of access.

So what enemy will you help to turn into a footstool today? Which enemy of God needs to have His foot put on it's neck? Is it an idol of your heart? Is it the sex traffic industry? Is it monetary greed? Is it indifference? I am sure you can think of many.

You are here for a reason: He gave you a foot. He will use you to His ends. 

He is waiting. He has given us resurrection power. He longs to come again.  I pray that we will each see the importance of going forth to be fruitful and multiply and tear down the things of the enemy of God.

One warning: Be wise. Pray. Speak softly. Love. Serve well. Be persistent. Stand.

Those are the weapons of the kingdom.  Blessings