Jesus v Ashton Kutcher on Twitter

You may have read that Mr Kutcher challenged CNN to see who could be the first to have 1 million followers on Twitter. He won. I wonder what he will do with them? Does he feel a sense of joy to have that many followers? Does he feel a sense of responsibility to say important things with each 140 character tweet? Will he feel their pain, answer their questions and comfort them during times of crisis? Will he get tired of tweeting and stop, leaving 1 million people hanging? 

I don't know about Mr Kutcher. I do know some thing about Jesus. He has millions of followers. He blesses them. He never stops messaging us. He is always concerned about how we are doing. 

Now lets look at Mr Kutcher's 1 million followers. How many will stop following him soon? How many will forget to look at his latest tweet? How many will stop responding? I don't know. 

I do know something about Jesus'  followers. We tend to stop following. We tend to forget to look at what he says. We tend to stop responding. So we are a bit like Mr Kutcher's followers. The only difference is we have a leader who will not let us go. He will continue to message us and he will continue to do a work in our hearts so that we can see Him as the One worth following.


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I am hoping for 50 followers!!