Don't Touch the Queen!!

Well you may have seen it on the news. Michelle Obama, with no malice, touched the queen. She did not mean to do it. It was an unconscious mistake. Horrors!

The rules are very clear. "Don't touch the Queen!" If she extends her hand you may lightly hold it and shake softly. Don't go sticking your hand out. She will let you know if you can touch her hand. 

The history of this is rich and deep and may seem silly. She is just human. Yes, but she is the queen. She transcends the G20 and this current president or that one. She was not elected. It is. 

He is the King. He is holy. Don't even try to touch the ark of His covenant. The good news is that He will extend a hand to you, and you are called to grasp it with honor and respect. Respect and honor. 

He is holy. He is the King. He was not elected. He transcends politicians and earthly queens and kings. Even Queen Elizabeth would tell you that.