U2 New CD!!

They are the band. THE band. I read an interview today where they discussed the new CD. Amazing. It was raw and real. Some highlights:

Creating music is hard.
If it was not for the music, they would not be together. The music keeps them going. 
They can be ugly to one another and still stay together.
Every song on a CD needs to be a 10

As I thought about that and more, I thought how much more we the church. Creating ministry is hard, if it were not for the mission, we would not be together, we can be ugly to one another and still stick with it. 

What about the 10 comment? I thought about that. How excellent do we get? We can do better. We can seek to do better for Christ knowing that He is the one who is perfect. We can work together to do better.

So, I am looking forward to the CD tomorrow and am grateful that it reminds me of what is important. Blessings!