iPhone iDol

Well I got an iphone on Thursday. Amazing. Really amazing. I found myself caught up in it. Captivated. The Apps. The touch screen. The scrolling ability. The ipod. I could go on and on. Amazing. 

Dorothy made me promise to not let her become an iphone widow. So I played with it Thursday night. Friday morning after a cup of coffee and a half, I went for a walk with Dorothy. When I came back, one of the other residents in our home (a part time one) said, "Any chance you have Apple Care on your phone?" 

"No, why?"

"I was looking at it and ... dropped it in your cup of coffee...."

"     "

So I could not hear from the ear piece. When  called I could not hear the other person. Less than 24 hours old. My ido,,,I mean my iphone. Ruined.

What to do? Well even Applecare would not have replaced it. So we figured out that I could use the ear buds.

Idol smashed. Forgiveness given, reparations offered, and declined. I figured I would use as is. 

Later in the day, it started working again.

My reminder: All material things can be idols. Especially cool ones. 

Only God should have that much of our affection.