Don't you detest it? I do. Today I had to confront someone on a behavior issue. I had reached the point where the behavior really grated on me. How do you "tell" the other party to "STOP!!"?

In a loving way, knowing they will not be fully successful, because you are not either. No one is. We have bad behavior that is sometimes controlled by the Spirit and sometimes our free will breaks free.  We are a mess. 

So I told this person, we agreed in fact, that they would change a bit for a while, but would relapse. Does that make you say, "What's the point?" 

I would say that we should expect relapse. AA does. CR does. We are sinners and we should not think we will never do it again. That thought, should make us weep and rejoice. Weep that we will break and rejoice that He was broken for us who can not control ourselves most days.  WE are more desperate than we think. Blessings.