My wife bakes cookies. Great ones. This time of year she sets aside a day to bake with our daughters. Today was the day and they made batch after batch after batch. Red ones, green ones, chocolate ones and candy cane ones. All great. 

Now, she could go to store and get cookies. But she bakes. It is the "baking" and "sharing" that is important. The doing together with daughters. The cookies are great too. (Did I say that?)

I wonder what you do with others. I am not talking recreationally so much, but work. We are a religion of community. God calls us to "do" in community. Maybe it is clean up the yard with your son, or wash the car with your wife. Maybe it is dust and vacuum. Doing together is part of creating community. And doing work together can be a joy, if the task is not seen as the end goal.

Maybe, if you have kids, and they are off school for the holiday you can think about doing together. Priceless. Somehow Christ is present when we commune with one another.