We are at the beach this week. Our last family vacation before our daughter gets married. It is amazing how quickly 22 years go by. I was actually thinking the other day that I remember things that happened 40 years ago. That seems odd. 1968. The Beatles were breaking up, the run up to the election, men still striving to land on the moon. I can remember details of where I lived and who I did things with.

Perhaps you can only remember 10 or 20 years ago. Some of you may be able to remember 50 or 60. Time moves but leaves a trace for us. Now think of one who can remember 100 years ago. A dead relative in heaven? Can people in heaven remember? Then go the whole way. God remembers all from the beginning. He never forgets and all of it was ordained by Him. He can remember before you were born and before the earth turned and before man fell. He remembers the day Christ gave Himself for us. He remembers.

Even today, He remembers and He looks forward to more memories, even as I do with my soon to be married daughter.