The Drive Home

We took some vacation time this week. A wonderful family lent us a place near the beach and it was glorious. It was quiet. We had no Internet. We cooked on the grill. We stayed up late and got up late. We read. We biked. We ate great food and we rested. What a wonderful week. On Friday I was wishing it was Monday; not next Monday but last Monday.

Then we had to come back. The closer we got to Atlanta, the worse the traffic got and the faster people seemed to drive. Ugh! People were actually in a hurry to get back to the city! Go figure.

We picked up the dog and got home around 6p. Now the dog needs a bath, the yellow house (pollen) needs a sweep and I need to deal with a note from our friendly IRS agent. Ugh! Oh well, vacation will come again. Memories will last. In the mean time, like most of you, it is off to work we go! Life in Atlanta and to paying taxes. (I do think it is a clerical error)

Thanks Scott for guest blogging. Wonderful thoughts as always!