Ramen Noodles

I had them for dinner tonight. My wife is out of town, it is cold outside, my daughter went out for dinner with a friend who is a boy and I was all alone with the dog. It is a man's winter meal when home alone. Here is why:

1. You get to cook (boil water and put noodles in etc)

2. You can put it in a mug and eat it while you watch TV

3. There is no clean up.

Pretty simple and it tastes good too. When I think about it, life could be more like a mug of Ramen noodles. Simple. Easy to understand. No fancy recipe.

The gospel is about like that. Simple. Jesus loves you and even though Schlicht happens as a good friend of ours says, it will be OK. He will always be there for you when it is cold outside, your spouse is gone and you are all alone.

He may ask you to go to where the heat is; the Word so you can experience the warmth of His love, but He will be there. Consistent, unchanging, eternal, caring, ever present. Even in a dark night. Worship Well.