Well I thought I would beat Scott to it. We had our Discipleship Group tonight and Romans 7 was the center. Scott showed a clip from "The Two Towers" It was of Gollum wrestling and talking with himself. One side good the other evil.

As we discussed we talked about how Paul writes as if sin was a "character" in life. Kind of like Gollum. We each have him inside so to speak. Only our own death will finally do away with him. Until then it is a battle. One way to help is to ask our selves how much bad fruit we bore today instead of fruit for God. Another is to starve the sin nature and be fed by the spirit.

All of us will do things we do not want to do. The good news is we are forgiven and we know the One who did all things right. More then knowing Him, He has given us a new nature and we can rest in the work He is doing.

If you remember the end of the Lord of the Rings, you will know that Frodo is taken in by teh ring and he has to have his finger bitten off to do away with what tempts him most. He finally lets go. Gollum can not and He is cast into the lake of fire.

That is our hope. To have our sin nature cast away and to become whole in Christ. In the mean time we can be active in putting it to death. Worship Well