Wash my Feet

OK, so you want to pick a religion and you have some questions.

1. Do you have a God who is powerful?
"Yes, by definition, God is powerful"

2. Is your God the kind of God who will make decisions?
"Yes. All religions would say their God is decisive."

3. How about old? Has he been around for a long time?
"For sure, but not much differentiation on that from other gods"

4. Does He serve you?
"This could be a differentiating question. Yes, I would have to say our God serves us. In fact he said something about not coming to be served but to serve, so I would say 'Yes'. By the way do you think other religions have Gods that serve them?"

I'll ask the questions.

5. Let me re-phrase that last question. How does he serve you?
"By washing our feet."

6. What?
"By washing our feet. Our God washes our feet. And more. By the way, do other gods do that type thing?"

7. Let me get back to you.

Our God, Our loving, servant King, Lord washed our feet and because of that we are able to wash others feet. Blessings